A1 Plastics Limited - A familly run business for 10 years


A1 Plastic Limited's Shiplap Cladding is designed with extended tongue and groove leg, which helps make for a neat and smart installation. All our cladding come with a dedicated trim to neatly complete our cladding system


Our fascias are of equal quality and we pride ourselves in only installing the best quality products. Not only does the fascia enjoy all the benefits of the PVC-ue component material,



Roofing, Replacement, Repair and Build. We can quote for roof repair, maintenance and build. We use the best products and have an experienced workforce.


At A1 Plastics we use our own workforce - No sub contractors


A1 Plastics Limited can supply all scaffolding for the job. This means that we can supply your whole solution without the need for third party intervention.

All of our scaffolding is errected to the proper standards meaning safety for us, and safety for you.